AJUNI – Outsource Financial Accounting & Reporting


Finalization of accounts outsourcing services of AJUNI includes:-

  • Preparing financial statements from client’s books
  • End of Year Journal adjustments
  • General ledger scrutiny
  • Reconciliation of assets and liabilities at End of Year
  • Analytical review and variance analysis
  • Preparation of excel schedules and workings to support financial statements like Accruals, Prepaid etc
  • Consolidation Reports
  • Support Process Designing

We work on the same software as you do and the final product is not only of highest standards but it is consistent with your prior work.

We can work on any software package that your firm uses, already have proficiency on majority of Accounts Production software used in different countries can produce weekly, monthly & yearly reporting pattern as per the requirement with customization.


Weekly Reports

  • Open Invoices
  • Unpaid Vendors List
  • Age wise List for Customers
  • Payroll Summary
  • Pay stubs

Monthly Reports

  • YTD Income Statements
  • YTD Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Statement
  • Forecasts
  • Budget vs. Actual Review Reports

Yearly Reports

  • Trial Balances
  • Financial Statements
  • Finalization Report
  • Back Up File