AJUNI – Trademark Registration Services in India

We have sometimes questions in our mind about trademark like what is this, what can be and benefits. In our best efforts to answer these we have elaborate some of these points as below and also request you to please contact us in case of any query.


What is a Trademark

A Trademark is an important Intellectual property right. It identifies or distinguishes you from the others. Trademark can be a logo, design, shape, and combination of colors, combination of different shapes, goods, etc and its uniqueness differently shown in its design.


What Can Be Trademarked?

  • Name

A name including personal or surname of the applicant or predecessor in business or the signature of the person e.g, the name rATTAN Tata can be trademarked.

  • Word

A word which is not being directly descriptive of the character or quality of the goods / service. For example yAHOO is a word which has been trademarked.

  • Numbers

Alphanumeric or Letters or numerals or any combination thereof. For example 99. brand

  • Images

Image, symbol, monograms, 3-dimensional shapes, letters etc. For example the Horse mark image of Ferrari Car logo.

  • Sound

Sound marks in audio format. For ex the sound in the ad jingle


Benefits of Trademark Registration

  • Legal Brand Protection

Only owners of registered trademarks are allowed to take action or sue for damages in case of trademark infringement. Trademark protection is not enforceable for trademarks that are not registered.

  • Unique Geographical Identity

One of the best qualities of trademark registration is that it helps you to establish a unique identity of your company. It provides you nation-wide protection from your competitors and will not allow them to use your trademark for similar goods or services.

  • Trust or Goodwill

Registered trademarks can be used to create a sense of trust, goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer that is unique to your business. Registered trademarks show your customer that you are in market for long term and care about your brand. It will help in creating a respect for your brand by your commitment.

  • Valuable Assets

Trademark filing creates an intellectual property, which is an intangible asset for an organization. Registered trademark is a right that can be sold, franchised or commercially contracted.

  • Global Trademark Filing

A trademark filing in India can be used as the basis for trademark filing in other countries if required. Foreigners and Foreign entities can also register a trademark in India if required.